Happy wedding for Melat and her husband Mikias

I want to live in peace more and more as I get older. My life was in a perpetual state of upheaval when I was a younger lady because of the sexual abuse I experienced as a child. I certainly didn’t bring serenity into my marriage to Dave since I wasn’t at peace with myself. Over time, God has shown me that He is the source of peace and that we may welcome that peace into our lives by spending time with Him in prayer and reading His Word. We’ve all felt the consequences of conflict in one way or another. Screaming, yelling, and arguing are all examples of conflict. Sometimes it’s overt, like when someone gives you “the silent treatment” and stays completely silent. An angry undercurrent, in my opinion, may be the most deadly type of conflict since it’s harder to spot. The environment has it; you can feel it. Even if you can sense that something is off, nobody wants to talk about it. Even when nothing is spoken in detail, it is obvious that something is wrong.
I mastered the art of arguing with my husband, Dave, without saying a word in the early years of our marriage. I used to spend my entire Saturdays stomping through the home cleaning every area while oblivious to him for long periods of time. Thank goodness Dave was a mediator and had the maturity to ignore my temper tantrums!

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