Have you heard such a love story

In truth, envy and jealousy are similar. However, jealousy involves a sense of entitlement and possessiveness, whereas an envious person covets what another person possesses, be it their possessions, positions, privileges, or who they are as an individual. A jealous individual clings to what they already possess — typically a romantic partner — in order to prevent others from stealing it away. Uncontrolled envy and jealousy can be extremely destructive. Jealousy can heal a relationship. How a couple handles jealousy and other conflicts is essential to the success of their relationship. Start a conversation with your relationship-related feelings of insecurity or uncertainty. Unbelievably, something that originates in our imaginations can rapidly spiral out of control and cause such devastation. As seeds, fertilizer, sun, and water cultivate a garden, so does imagination cultivate envy. Recognize your negative thoughts and narratives. Don’t overstate a situation’s significance by dwelling on it repeatedly in your mind. Imagine being able to do everything that brings you joy instead of having all of these negative thoughts and emotions running through your mind. Imagine not having to worry about and obsess over every minor detail. Additionally, you should wish yourself luck with the things that you envy. Consider carefully the imagined circus-like scenarios involving your partner and the real-world evidence supporting them. Jealousy is devoid of logical reasoning and lacks rhyme or reason. Examine your obsessive thoughts in light of what you have witnessed or actually know. Replace any conspiracy theories with actual facts.

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