He become a father and got a congratulation from Abush

Some guys purposefully choose to become fathers, actively choosing to do so and taking the required steps to do so. Others find it to be more of a shock or surprise. You might find that once you know it’s going to happen, you don’t feel at all prepared to become a father. Try not to worry too much; that is what is most important. Many guys share these sentiments, yet they often come to realise how well they adjust for themselves. By going your own way and believing in your instincts, which are probably better than you think, you will learn. Nobody’s a perfect parent. Everyone makes errors. But one of the first things you’ll discover about being a father is that you were made for this. ‘Becoming a Dad’: The Science What you’re going through as a father-to-be or a new parent is the result of many centuries of development. Taking care of yourself How can you take care of someone else if you don’t know how to take care of yourself? This chapter is all about being honest with yourself, expressing how you really feel about being a parent, and learning how to keep your cool and concentrate on the important things during what may be an exciting but stressful period.

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