He choose his family over me

Despite having the fastest-growing economy in Africa, Ethiopia nevertheless has a third of its people living in poverty. Most Ethiopians labor and live in rural locations, where there are limited opportunities to pursue ambitions beyond providing for their families’ most basic necessities. Thousands of children died as a result of the HIV epidemic in the 1980s and 1990s. Ethiopia currently has 4.5 million orphaned or separated children, and the nation is still plagued by gender inequality, malnutrition, and maternal mortality. In order to help Ethiopia’s most vulnerable children grow up surrounded by love from their family, Holt works with sponsors and supporters. Many families in Ethiopia rely on the crops they can grow on their property in order to survive. There is a lot of poverty and very few kids attend school. By supporting initiatives that increase families’ income and give kids the nourishment and education they need to attain their full potential, sponsors and donations to Holt help families achieve financial security. In the rural southern part of Wallana, Holt worked with a local church to build a three-room stone schoolhouse in 2010. With the help of donations, Holt employed local teachers and social workers, furnished the school with desks, chairs, and chalkboards, and received funding from sponsors who also gave the students’ uniforms, books, and supplies.

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