He doesn’t like to work and provide

Women look for the same qualities in any friend as they do in heterosexual romantic partners, male friends, and men in general. Women typically value and prioritise integrity, compassion, and connection in their love partners. Men must support women as feminists who want to succeed in their life. Women don’t require partners who expend all of their effort attempting to demonstrate how heroic, powerful, strong, or masculine they are. They merely want guys who are prepared to meet them where they are, treat them decently, and have the ability to maintain the romantic flame. Respect for one another is an all or nothing situation. All bets are off if a person stops respecting a relationship. The same respect that males show other men should be shown to women. Relationships are more likely to break down quickly when one party feels patronised or disrespected. In love relationships, respect should always be maintained, even if you are upset or unhappy with your spouse. It’s crucial to have regular, tactful, and open communication. When communication is open and honest, relationships prosper. Another “make or break” quality is honesty: don’t give anyone a reason to distrust you. Relationships can develop because of trust and reliability.

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