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He introduced his girl friend to us and said he will marry her

Many fathers may appear to be strong on the outside, but on the inside they are just as devastated as any parent would be by the loss of a child. Despite the fact that they don’t always articulate it, they go through the same stages of sorrow as everyone else. The mother is frequently the focus of society, but men also require assistance and should be given the freedom to express their grief. Men frequently bottle up their feelings whereas women tend to express them more freely. Due to social pressure to be strong or the belief that he must be there for his wife, a father may not express any emotion at the death of his kid in public. Many guys have been told they shouldn’t express their feelings or ask for help. They frequently grieve in silence since they were taught to be resilient under difficult circumstances. This merely indicates that he is grieving in a different way. He is still hurting, though. Men frequently act out their sorrow physically. In order to keep himself busy and avoid dealing with his feelings, a grieving father may immerse himself in his work or household duties. To vent his rage, he can turn to exercise, like playing basketball or going to the gym. Because he is unsure of how to handle his wife’s feelings on top of his own, he might avoid speaking to her. A parent must be permitted to express his emotions whatever he chooses to deal with his sadness.

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