He is both my weakness and strength

The guy I’m kind of talking to utterly disappears around me, but he doesn’t behave in that way among his buddies or other women. He almost always observes whatever I do, especially when I’m out at parties. He won’t come talk to me, though; I have to talk to him instead, and he’ll barely speak.
At parties, he seems talkative to other girls who approach him. We take the same class, and I frequently notice him glancing my way or texting me to grab my attention despite his inability to maintain a face-to-face discussion. In general, it indicates that a person is uncomfortable around you for some reason if he is outgoing with others but bashful towards you. According to licensed professional counselor and relationship coach Yangki Christine Akiteng, this is frequently a sign that he wants to create a good impression and is anxious about saying the wrong thing. In other situations, he can feel intimidated by you and be speechless. The timid guy might have a crush on you if he frequents the same social circle as you and is normally pleasant and outgoing. In this case, he might feel awkward and unsure of what to say while you are present. For instance, he may have romantic sentiments for you if he engages in awkward but polite conversation or if he blushes or grins when you do speak to him.

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