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He is getting ready to get married

You’re feeling something for someone, and you think it may develop into something wonderful, but they’re not where you are. You won’t be shocked to learn that there isn’t actually a simple solution to this problem. It depends on a wide range of variables, and only you can truly answer that query. Given that, we’ve written this essay to assist you in sorting through your feelings and thoughts and discovering the truth. Take your time deciding whether it is worthwhile to wait for the person you love by using this essay as a tool for self-reflection. Even though the person you love may be single and harbour feelings for you, they might not be ready to start dating you just yet. Even if they are interested, they might not be ready to date someone right now. Numerous short- and long-term causes could be to blame for this. It takes a lot of patience and communication to wait for someone to be prepared in this kind of situation. You must communicate frequently if you and your partner are aware of one another’s feelings. Knowing that level of dedication exists and that you may look forward to something may already be enjoyable for you.

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