He is great dad to his kids….

Healthy marriages need effort, but it is doable. There are steps you can take to have a healthy marriage, much as maintaining a healthy diet and engaging in regular exercise will help you maintain a healthy physique. While some people spend their entire lives dreaming of their wedding, people are less likely to dream of becoming married. Marriage is not always glamorous or suitable for weak-willed people. Marriage is frequently anything but easy, whether you’re planning your nuptials or have been wed for fifty years. It’s crucial to communicate openly. The only way to navigate this hectic existence is in that manner. Do not expect your partner to understand your thoughts. if your partner never discusses their personal future or your future together. Be truthful. Always. Any form of infidelity is unacceptable, yet it need not spell the end of a partnership. Additionally, people have a propensity to deceive, which breeds mistrust that is challenging to overcome. I’ll find couples everywhere. I meet some couples with whom I have fantasies or converse with another couple that confesses to having cheated on each other three times. You must let go. Yes, I get angry, but you don’t cling to foolish things. What matters most is respect. Respect must be shown for one another and each other’s families. Recognise one another. I make it known to everyone that I think love is not just words but also deeds.

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