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He is hard working…No car no money

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That must be the case. But I do believe that the subject of fidelity—as in, why some people decide to be faithful while others do not—can be fairly simply and easily addressed. It turns out that both men and women commit infidelity on a regular basis. In fact, according to polls, infidelity occurs in approximately one-fourth of all marriages. And that only includes those who were truthful in their responses or learned of it. Most people find it quite difficult to approach infidelity logically. They start yelling and running around, flinging people’s poop on the grass. Or they get so depressed and hurt that they are unable to perceive the warning flags that are miles behind them and analyze the issue rationally. All of us have an inherent urge for self-gratification as humans. tasty food decent sex. little effort a lot of rest. video games, cornflakes, and porn. Intimacy, the feeling that someone loves us, and the urge to feel as though we are sharing our lives with someone are all basic human desires. Unfortunately, these two demands frequently conflict with one another. You occasionally have to give up your own self-gratification in order to experience that intimacy and love. And you frequently have to give up some affection and connection in order to satisfy your own desires. This might be as simple as going to a dull office party or viewing a movie you don’t particularly care for.

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