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He is like a mother for me….yes she can cook eggs

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If you become too cozy in a relationship, it will end. I’ll say it again: get cozy in a relationship, and it’ll end. The inevitable will happen eventually, though it might not be right away. You won’t understand why your wife or girlfriend will muster up the courage to get up and leave when they do (at least that is what your brain will tell you). It will be too late when you are finally frank with yourself and realize your errors. She will be with someone who tries hard every day to make her smile. These four actions will demonstrate to your partner that she made the right decision. You’ll note that I didn’t say “tell” her because boys talk about their plans. Men simply do it. Building her trust by demonstrating to her that you have her back in the little things in life will help her to have faith in your ability to be there for her when the going gets tough. Pay attention to the little things and offer assistance when and where you can. No matter how hectic your schedule is, she shouldn’t ever feel ignored. It’s quite improbable that two people, no matter how compatible they are, will have 100% of the same interests. Find something she appreciates, make an effort to understand why, and create a special activity around it. Who knows, maybe you’ll discover that you’re excited by this hobby as well.

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