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He sacrificed a lot for me and our children

My husband and I have been debating whether our family is now complete practically daily since having baby number four precisely two months ago (sob for infants growing up so fast and double sob since I still can’t fit into my trousers). I know many of you are probably thinking to yourself, “What on earth is there to ponder about?” Isn’t it enough to have four children? But, for the purposes of this story, I’d like us to set our differences over family size aside. The point is that every parent and family unit is unique, and in our case, I find it difficult to believe that we are “done” having children. So it’s quite difficult for me to consider that we might be “done” with that stage of our lives. It’s almost as if, thanks to modern parenting’s extreme focus and all the good-natured parenting-is-so-hard-but-it’s-the-most-important-thing-you’ll-ever-do stories, I’ve somehow absorbed the idea that if I’m not parenting babies and toddlers and laughing with my fellow exhausted peers about potty training and breastfeeding, I won’t exist. Look at social media and celebrity news these days to see how popular parenting is among the youth. And, despite the turmoil and commotion, I enjoy this era of my life.

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