He showed us Titanic ship with his food

I started borrowing cookbooks from the library in the hopes that honing my cooking abilities would reduce the astronomical amounts of time I was spending in the kitchen. I knew something had to change. Food, feelings, and memories are intricately linked. Your best experiences or recollections are probably associated with food and how it made you feel, if I were to ask you to name any of those. The most vivid memories I have of my grandmothers, both of whom have passed away, are all connected to food. They cooked for me, we ate meals together, and they gave me special goodies. These are wonderful memories that I treasure. Oh my goodness, just thinking about them makes me feel warm and fuzzy. Tastes and fragrances are all brought back vividly. I pondered what feelings and recollections my kids would have of me and my cooking after reading this quote. I made the immediate decision to alter my perspective. Just like you can grow muscle in your body by repeatedly performing certain actions, we can truly alter our brain patterns by using our “brain power” and repeating particular thoughts.

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