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He spends 15 years in primary 1

Although the majority of the students with whom Joseph, a 21-year-old male, began school in 2006 have graduated, he has spent the past 15 years in primary 1. One of his colleagues went on to become a graduate teacher and is now his primary 1 teacher. The strangely determined young guy is believed to have a mental issue that causes him to forget all he learns in class in an instant, preventing him from passing promotional examinations.
He’s been in elementary school since 2006, and the majority of his classmates are said to be graduate teachers, doctors, and other professions.
As a result of his illness, he has stunted growth and a’malformed’ head size. His mother bemoaned the fact that he is so forgetful that when he is sent out on an errand to buy something, he ends up getting something completely else. Despite his health and inability to progress to the next class, Joseph has refused to give up; he does not want to miss school and is frequently seen walking brusquely, and even running, to and from school, with a determination written all over him. His present classmates, who are of childbearing age, have been teasing him and dubbing him “old man,” but none of this has deterred him.

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