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Cheating is the best way to undermine the foundation of a relationship. One of the most frequent issues that brings people to couples counseling is infidelity, which is such a major transgression that many spouses find it difficult to recover from. to more fully comprehend the complex dynamics that result from someone being unfaithful. She has extensive experience working with couples to rescue their marriages and long-term relationships and has a deep knowledge of what causes infidelity, why it may be so difficult to overcome, and how to proceed with healing. Our most basic definition of infidelity is fairly simple: a partner engaging in physical intimacy with another person. But there are other ways to be disloyal, and they don’t always include physical contact. According to Williams, every couple will have a unique definition of infidelity that depends on the specific guidelines they’ve established for their particular relationship. Sexting or the compulsive use of pornography are examples of behaviors that frequently breach the line. It’s also possible to have emotional affairs, which many partners would argue are a violation of trust because they involve someone else standing in for your partner even if it’s not physically there. Williams has also dealt with relationships where one partner accuses the other of “financial adultery” and both parties view the existence of a secret bank account as a form of betrayal. Since there is no universally accepted definition of infidelity, it is crucial to have open and sincere discussions with your partner about what is and isn’t appropriate. No matter how specifically the relationship’s ground rules were broken, the agony is often the same for many people.

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