He takes his side because he love her

To catch up and prepare a great supper that will last you the entire week, schedule a cooking night with your significant other. Run a clothing exchange. Plan a party for exchanging clothes if you and your girlfriends have piles of clothing you want to get rid of. The remaining clothing can then be given to a nearby women’s shelter or another humanitarian group, like Dress for Success. This is a fantastic chance to gain new knowledge, hone your networking, small-talk, and mingling skills, all while spending time with a buddy. That polish on your toes has definitely seen better days, in part because it may be tedious to give them the care they require (though there’s nothing wrong with spending some quality magazine time, of course!). A fun group activity is always going to the salon, or even better, doing it yourself at home. Getting active in our community and volunteering is another more aspirational task on our to-do lists, yet this is the one that is most frequently neglected. A friend can volunteer their time for a day at a soup kitchen or nursing home. Alternately, gather your girls, take some gloves and a trash bag, and spend a couple of hours cleaning up your neighborhood. Your pals will appreciate that you enlisted their help, and it will feel fantastic to finally carry out those good deeds you’ve been contemplating.

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