He used to love to watch football…search for a brother

One of the most crucial relationships we may build is the one between siblings. Unlike parents who depart too soon, lovers, and children who arrive too late, our siblings accompany us on the journey of life. Nothing more profoundly defines and shapes who we are than the connections we have with our brothers and sisters. We are aware that we are not alone when we have siblings. Brothers and sisters have a strong emotional connection known as the sibling link. The relationship between brothers and sisters can be infinitely different, hence the sibling bond does not have a socially accepted definition. A “bond” can be a link that binds, a commitment or contract, a connection or network of connections. We naturally rely on our older children to “keep an eye” on their younger siblings as parents. My oldest son has definitely received this question from me on occasion. However, I usually teach my kids to look out for and support one another. Expecting one sibling to act as the guardian all the time might cause tension and resentment. While younger siblings frequently want more independence and the recognition of their own skills and abilities, some older siblings feel tremendous pressure to keep younger siblings happy and safe. Take a physical step back as soon as you see signs of collaboration starting. When I hear my kids assembling their preferred building supplies or discussing their upcoming pretend play situation, I keep myself occupied in another activity.

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