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He want to go out work and be successful

We understand the meaning of unconditional love with only one glimpse in a mother’s eye for her child. Though we have all become wordsmiths and can precisely articulate our emotions, conveying a mother’s love in words remains a challenge. A child stays a mother’s baby even if he reaches the age of 60 or becomes a tycoon, leader, or thinker. In any stage of life or situation, mothers have this powerful aspect of loving their children. Mothers’ unconditional love is what makes them so special to each child. A child’s learning process begins before birth or even before birth. We’ve all heard that during pregnancy, mothers should read nice literature and listen to relaxing music. They do this because, even though the infant has yet to face the outside world, the newborn has already developed a link with the outside world through the mother. Later, the infant is introduced to the world, first by their mothers and then by others. Every newborn learns to call his or her mother first, regardless of language, caste, or custom. “Mother, ma, amma,” is the first word out of the baby’s mouth. A mother teaches her child everything she knows, from talking to walking to living a happy life. She is also the one who disciplines and educates a child in order for them to live a better life. A mother teaches everything she knows, from waking up to sleeping. Mother also goes through the learning process again to help her child get more knowledge.

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