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he was going to leave when he saw me with her

For millennia, true love has been a topic of debate. Cynics deny it exists, whereas hopeless romantics feel that everyone should find their soulmate. We’ve decided to examine the psychological variables that drive love to bloom or fade now that science has proven that pure love is not only possible, but also long-lasting. When it comes to love, thinking of it as a verb is the best way to go. Love is a dynamic energy that, in order to grow, requires action. “We often spend our time wondering how our partner feels about us or how the relationship appears from the outside,” Dr. Firestone explained. Even while it is wonderful to be loved, we can only fully feel our own loving feelings for another person, not the feelings of the other person for us. In order to connect with and maintain our love feelings, we must engage in loving acts. We might as well be in a dream if we don’t do something.” Accepting that the only person we have full control over in a relationship is ourselves might be challenging at times, but it can also be freeing. As a result, we have the choice of engaging in intimacy-harming behaviors or engaging in activities that express feelings of love, compassion, adoration, respect, and kindness.

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