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he was the one who always ask for forgiveness

According to recent research, forgiving is a critical component of healthy love partnerships. In reality, one of the most important variables leading to marital pleasure and a lifetime of love is the ability to seek and grant forgiveness. Accepting that you and others are capable of being injured is the first step in forgiving yourself and others. It also implies that you are ready to walk out of the victim position and take control of your life. Couples who practice forgiveness can overcome the toxic hurt and guilt that prevents them from feeling connected to one another. Emotional attunement is a talent that allows partners to fully process and move on from difficult emotional experiences, resulting in a stronger bond.

People frequently associate forgiveness with weakness, and it is widely assumed that forgiving someone entails endorsing or justifying their actions. Forgiveness, on the other hand, is a strength in marriage since it demonstrates that you are capable of goodwill for your spouse. According to studies, forgiving someone is one technique to let go and heal so that you can move on with your life.

Giving yourself, your children, and your partner the type of future you and they deserve – free of hurt and anger – is what forgiveness is all about. It’s about making the decision to live a life free of others’ power over you and from unresolved hatred and resentment.

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