Health benefit of bitter leaf

Bitter leaf is a bitter herb/plant whose extracts, barks, and stems are utilized in culinary and medicinal applications. According to medical professionals, the leaf, formally known as Vermonia Amygadalina, has a lot of advantages that people should take advantage of. The indegineous African plant, also known as onugbo by the Igbos, shawaka by the Hausas, and ewuro by the Yorubas, can be found growing broad along the boundaries of the agriculture field. Surprisingly, this leaf can grow and thrive in every environment and at any temperature. Bitterleaf has medicinal benefits that range from antibacterial to ornamental, according to medical specialists. It is important to note that the aforementioned medical properties can be quite beneficial to those suffering from a variety of ailments whether cooked or converted into juice. “Bitterleaf, like honey, is a natural gift from God with excellent therapeutic characteristics, and some of its benefits include its potential to boost metabolism and aid weight loss due to nutrients like zinc, iron, fiber, and carbohydrate.” Idowu says he routinely tells his diabetic and piles patients to drink a glass of bitter leaf water at least once a day.

Applying bitter leaf juice to a section of one’s skin that is affected by rashes, eczema, ringworm, or any other skin illness, according to the doctor, can be more beneficial than applying other items that can cause reactions in the body or make the affected part worse rather than better.

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