Healthy ways of increase your appetite and gain weight

When you don’t feel like eating, you have a loss of appetite. A lack of appetite can result from a variety of conditions, including mental and physical illness. It can result in weight loss or malnutrition if your lack of appetite persists for longer than a few days. Anyone who is trying to gain weight or build mass and has a lack of appetite knows how frustrating it can be. This is especially true for those who are underweight. When you don’t have a healthy appetite, eating three substantial meals may seem like a difficult chore. Divide your three main meals into five or six smaller meals for a more enticing eating strategy. You can start boosting the portions of these meals or adding more ingredients as your appetite improves to eat more calories throughout the day. For instance, to increase the number of calories and nutrients in a tuna sandwich, include some cheese and vegetables. To gain weight, people with poor appetites frequently consume empty calories from foods like candy, chips, ice cream, and baked goods. These foods are not a good idea because they offer very few nutrients, despite the fact that they may taste better and have more calories. Instead, put your attention on foods that offer you a variety of nutrients, including protein and healthy fats, as well as calories. For instance, you could substitute a cup of plain Greek yogurt for dessert in place of ice cream. Berry and cinnamon can be added for sweetness. Similar to this, if you want to eat pizza, you may make your own and increase the nutritional value by adding more vegetables and protein.

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