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There are issues in every relationship. Additionally, they spark disputes that frequently end in stalemate and exacerbate the situation. Couples counseling is one remedy. It’s a great option, particularly if you want to pursue a divorce in order to resolve problems. Asking research participants if they were receiving therapy really led us to the conclusion that there was a rather strong link between receiving therapy and divorcing. Couples who had treatment were more likely to have a divorce than those who did not. This was particularly valid for solo treatment, but it also applied to couples counseling. Contented couples discussed their concerns as shared and situation-specific. Couples that were unhappy, however, framed their problems as signs of general personality flaws in their spouse. However, some will reply, You’re not understanding. I’m only trying to help them fix this error that they make every time. ruled out, advisor. You have a prettier explanation for why you’re still doing it. It indicates that you think poorly of your partner if you try to “fix” them. This is the viewpoint that couples adopt when traveling to Splitsville. Couples who were unhappy with each other felt that it was their duty to improve the other person. They gave the impression that they thought the reason relationships fail is because we end up with someone who aren’t as ideal as we are.

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