Helen Teklay and her baby girl

A mother-daughter relationship has been described in various ways by different people. They say that a mother’s daughter is her greatest treasure. Others assert that while a mother’s daughter is her treasure, a daughter’s mother is her sunshine. For a daughter, a mother serves as an example, best friend, and source of support. The mother’s daughter is her entire world. When a daughter is born, her mother immediately forms a close relationship with her. Although their relationship changes as the daughter gets older, their feelings are constant. However, there are instances when this lovely relationship falters. Mother and daughter are both impacted by this. In such cases, it is crucial to resolve the problems and mend the relationship. In this article, the mother-daughter relationship is discussed, along with suggestions for how to make it even better. The mother-daughter relationship is known to be stronger than other parent-offspring relationships, according to the Journal of Neuroscience. And this is the one relationship that gives a woman the foundation for all the others in her life. Therefore, every woman benefits from having it in her life. Additionally, it is one of those relationships whose nature keeps changing. As the years pass, some perilous turns do occur. That typically results from the generational divide. Or when mothers attempt to shield their daughters by forming particular stereotypes. Their daughters also rebel. Why not? “Like mother, like daughter” is a common saying. Every mother-daughter relationship is different, and this includes how they relate to one another. Some mother-daughter relationships can be twisted from the start, while others can become challenging as the daughter matures. Any dysfunctional behaviors between a mother and a daughter could be harmful to their relationship.

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