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Henok Dinku’s 3rd Wife

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The main information on Ethiopia is today the quiet submission of the President of the House of Representatives, Keriya Ibrahim, and the explanation given by Prime Minister Dr. Abiy Ahmed to the House of Representatives. We will discover exhaustively the portrayal of the Prime Minister of the TPLF, Tigray Peoples, and the Government explicitly.

Keria Ibrahim went as President of the Chamber of the Federation (HOF). Keria announced his passive consent today at a gathering with Tigray TV in the city of Mekelle. She was picked as leader of the Federation House two years back. The Chamber of the Federation will hold its subsequent ordinary gathering Wednesday and Thursday.

The State Affairs Committee is answerable for the assessment of assessment that advances fortitude with the assent of the gatherings of individuals and cycles the execution of the advantages of the nations and identities under the Chamber of the Federation. With the endorsement of the President of the Chamber, he exhorted deciding the discussions or bogus impressions that happen between the States and needed to disregard to concur at the state level.

The commitment of the Advisory Group to acquaint a report with the Chamber for Federal Intercession if a State, disregarding the Constitution, bargains the set up application. The Committee is likewise liable for the recognized legitimate issues of the normal undertakings which ought to be solidified in the Code. It additionally has the commitment to consider issues requiring a set up update and to review tantamount cases to present ideas in the House.

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