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Her husband and us surprised her for the baby shower

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Not just the parents experience excitement when a baby is expected. It’s likely that the upcoming grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, friends, and other family members will be excited to meet the newest addition to the family as well. One of the most common methods for your loved ones to celebrate your pregnancy is to throw you a baby shower. Before the baby is born, friends and relatives might spend time with the expectant parents and “shower” them with presents, affection, and well wishes. Basically, a baby shower is a party held to commemorate the upcoming birth of a new child. Additionally, it’s a method for loved ones to assist the new parents in purchasing whatever they require. Since babies require so many things, the list can get rather pricey. Perhaps you are unaware, but the baby showers as we know them now are a very recent phenomenon. But that doesn’t mean that expecting parents didn’t receive gifts before baby showers became commonplace. Newborns have long been a cause for excitement and celebration, though earlier celebrations were substantially different from those we are accustomed to now. Ancient Greeks and Egyptians observed rites to honor the mother and child. They also gave presents and well wishes to various gods and goddesses during these rituals. The baby’s baptism served as an occasion to provide presents to the new parents during the Middle Ages. Gifts frequently had a religious connotation, and godparents were frequently the ones who presented them.

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