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her laughter keeps me young

Almost from the outset, my father was outnumbered. They had a daughter a few years after he and my mother married, and then another, and then another. Some people believed my father was a lucky man since he was surrounded by four women. Others patted him on the back and inquired as to how many times per day he was permitted to use the restroom. I’m sure my father was occasionally overwhelmed by the influx of feminine hormones in our home, but God knew precisely what He was doing when He gave my father three daughters. He thought my father would make an excellent parent to his daughters. Research repeatedly shows that a father’s influence in the development of his children’s self-esteem, behavior, life choices, and relationships is unique. Dads can be their daughter’s “favorite” at times. When they’re getting ready for bed, they want to contact the person who would read them stories and play wild games with them. Many fathers also have a soft spot in their hearts for their little girls. According to a new study, a father’s love for his daughter provides her with some very substantial advantages that can last a lifetime. Great Dads can assist her succeed in a variety of areas, in addition to making her feel joyful and loved on a daily basis.

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