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Her mother waiting for her to graduate

Everybody has days when they wish they could escape and unwind on a warm tropical beach. However, it’s probably not a practical escape strategy unless you actually plan to quit your job and start a career as a travel writer. A better approach is to consider your motivational strategies. It can be very simple to persevere at times. But motivation can disappear all too quickly. especially when we fall short.
Failure is not necessarily a bad thing as long as you learn from it. However, there is a difference between trying and learning and giving up as soon as things get difficult or frightening. It’s not your fault if you occasionally feel like hiding and running away; there is science behind it all. You might be completing a task quickly only to become bogged down in the details. It might take longer and be more difficult than you anticipated. You might also enjoy coming up with new ideas but find it difficult to carry them out. At first, hope and successful outcomes motivate us. But as we go on, we begin to think about our obligations and our fear of bad things happening. And this fear frequently prevents us from moving forward. It might turn into a downward spiral. You follow in the wake of unfinished or improperly handled tasks. You lay in bed every morning, pressing the snooze button on your alarm, feeling as if you’ll never finish or be successful. We might never fully understand how much, if we tried, we could accomplish.

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