Here is Eshetu’s wedding video

Send your friend an utterly random emoji in the middle of a discussion. Make up a reason when they ask you why you sent it. Oh, that one means “I value your friendship,” I guess. Though they push back, act incredibly perplexed and as if it’s well known. Once people start to believe you, explain that it was all a joke. Find a gray typing bubble gif online, then give it to your pal. It will appear like you are writing a lengthy, detailed message when they check their messages, even when you are not! You can explain that it was a joke if your friend panics and wonders why you’re taking so long. Send your friend a random SMS saying something like, “10 hours left.” Tell them they’ll find out at the end of the day when they inquire about its purpose. Continue the countdown each hour until the day’s end, and when it arrives, disclose the great surprise: nothing. Tell your friend via text that you spotted their advertisement and would want to purchase anything they are selling. When they become perplexed, let them know that you appreciate their attempt at bargaining but that you are aware of its value. After exchanging a few texts, let them know it was all a joke.

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