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Herman Cohen’s unexpected comment about TPLF

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Acquittal utilizes some unacceptable pictures about Ethiopia. The gathering gave an official statement on July 16, 2021, expressing that “Police in Addis Ababa have discretionarily captured and confined many Tigrayans without fair treatment,” and distributed pictures to help its manufactured charge. Nonetheless, the image utilized by the association for its problematic charge is taken during the sixth general race by an AFP photographic artist.

Amanuel Sileshi, the photographic artist who snapped the photo, told the Ethiopian News Agency that Amnesty International utilized his photograph that was taken in Addis Ababa during the sixth general political decision hung on the 21 of June. The photographic artist revealed to ENA that the image portrays the exercises of safety faculty leading checks before the citizens enter the surveying station situated in Addis Ababa privately known as Abuware at 6 am early morning.

The inscription of the photograph distributed during the occasion peruses: “A cop checks individuals who are in line to project their voting form before surveys open in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, on June 21, 2021, during Ethiopia’s administrative and territorial decisions. Amanuel Silewshi/AFP” The photo shows the quiet leader of the political race and electors who have been standing by to project their polling form.

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