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hidden facts about women

The woman you’re sleeping with looks you in the eyes and says she loves you. And you have faith in her. You can tell by the way she looks at you, holds your hand, and always appears to know what you want before you do. There are a few things in life that you just know, and one of them is how much you adore this woman. However, there are many things you are unaware of. A woman may give you her body and her heart, but she will never give up certain aspects of herself. Pieces that were intertwined into her whole essence. Mysteries only hinted at with a sneaky smile or a cryptic laugh. If a man visits a woman’s public restroom, he will find it to be unremarkable. Only women, on the other hand, are aware of the location of a hidden sliding panel in each women’s restroom that opens to expose a premium area. Periods and menstrual cycles are non-existent. It’s only a ruse invented by women to give themselves a one-week break from men’s constant groping and pawing in bed. Yes, the tampon firms are all managed by women and are complicit in the deception. Tampon businesses send women a refund check for a percentage of their tampon purchases at the end of each year.

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