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highly paid jobs in Ethiopia

In Ethiopia, salaries typically vary from 2,589.00 ETB (lowest wage) to 9,755.00 ETB (maximum income) (highest average, actual maximum salary is higher). This is the total salary for the month, including bonuses. Salaries for different job categories can differ dramatically. Ethiopia’s average annual wage is 977,897 ETB. The average annual salary is 350,052 ETB. All of the information is based on 274 wage surveys. Salary differences exist between men and women. The average wage for men is 1,015,153 ETB. Women are paid 830,125 ETB on average. Finance & Banking earns an average of 2,245,339 ETB, while Arts, Culture, and Performance earns an average of 2,010,304 ETB. People with a Master’s Degree earn the most money, with an annual salary of 1,140,172 ETB. Doctorate Degree is the second highest paid educational level, with a salary of 1,050,158 ETB.
Earnings are influenced by a variety of factors. People with more than 20 years of experience are paid 2,800,423 ETB. Employees with 12 to 16 years of experience are eligible for a bonus of 1,060,160 ETB.

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