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Highly Protected Leaders and Religious Figures

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A representative of the Republic of Somalia to Ethiopia Abdihakim Abdulahi Omar said his nation emphatically underpins the effective finishing of the Ethiopian Renaissance Dam Grand (GORD). GERD is going to turn into a column for financial and social reconciliation of the locale between the individuals of the horn, he said.

In a restrictive meeting with FBC, Ambassador Abdihakim Omar Abdulahi said GORD is a harmonious venture that brings would like to think for Ethiopia as well as the entire of the African mainland. The filling of the supply, which starts next July 2020 is fitting and worthy to not make any mischief downstream nations, the minister said.

“Somalia regards the privileges of Ethiopia to utilize its regular assets. That is the reason he dismissed Egypt -. Bedouin League goal, which is against the public interests of Ethiopia and the East African area by and large, “he noted.

Somalia’s choice to help Ethiopia’s position is GERD as the reality that African issues must be illuminated by Africans, Ambassador Abdihakim added.

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