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Hiriyole album release and free wedding ceremong for 20 couples

Ethiopian wedding customs and traditions are represented by colorful Ethiopian weddings. Despite the fact that more and more couples are choosing for modern weddings, traditional wedding practices are still prevalent. Some of Ethiopia’s most popular wedding traditions are listed here. Telosh takes place two days before to the wedding. The groom and his family give the bride a bridal gown or jewelry as a wedding gift. Before the lunch, the remaining guests present the bride with their presents. When the bride’s father arrives to pick her up, the entire bride’s family gathers outside the house to sing a traditional song declaring that no one will be let inside. The groom must ask permission to enter and deliver flowers to his bride once the bride’s family has given their blessing. After she kisses the flowers, friends and relatives follow them to the bridal car. Knee kissing is an Ethiopian wedding custom that seems out of place throughout the ceremony. Many older relatives, in addition to the bride and groom’s parents, assemble in the wedding hall to greet their grandchildren. As they enter the room, they kiss the knees of the family elders to demonstrate how much they appreciate and admire their contributions. In exchange, the newlyweds receive their grandparents’ blessings.

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