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His father abandoned us

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Losing a spouse, whether unexpectedly or after a long illness, can be devastating. One day you’re married, the next you’re single and grieving. As a result of the overwhelming emotions, lifestyle changes, and other practical issues that come with your spouse’s death, you’re probably feeling overwhelmed and concerned about your future. With time, your grief will subside, and you will begin to build a new life for yourself. After the death of a companion, there is no right or wrong way to feel. The length and happiness of your marriage, the way in which your spouse died, the age of your children (if you have any), and how dependent you were on one another are all elements that influence your reaction. Prepare yourself for stunned friends and family who may shun you or try to console you with platitudes. Many well-intentioned people are uncomfortable talking about death, but that does not mean they are unconcerned.
If you can, tell people close to you what you require. Let them know if, for example, people avoid mentioning your spouse but you really want to talk about them. Remember that your friends and family members are grieving as well, and sharing memories of your spouse may provide them some comfort.

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