Home remedy for dark and chapped lips

Lip color can vary from person to person, just like skin tone. There is no healthier lip color than any other. In some circumstances, a change in the color or state of the lips could be a sign that they require additional attention. It is rarely a cause for alarm, though. Lips can darken due to tobacco use, stress, medications, and medical conditions. The issue should be resolved by addressing the root cause. There are some natural therapies that can brighten the lips temporarily. It’s frequently a cosmetic choice to treat hyperpigmentation. Treatments for lip hyperpigmentation frequently involve laser procedures as well as drugs like hydroquinone and kojic acid. Many anti-hyperpigmentation medications function by blocking the enzyme that makes melanin. However, you might discover a natural lip lightener that works for you. Here are a few to think about. Lemon. Citrus fruit peel may suppress melanin, according to a 2002 study. Cut a lemon in halves and gently wipe the juicy portion over your lips before bedtime every night. Wash your lips with cool water in the morning. Continue doing this every night until you start to see benefits. 30 days might be needed. sugar with lemon. Cut a lemon wedge and coat it in sugar before going to bed. The sugared lemon should be rubbed on your lips. The following morning, swish lukewarm water over your lips. Lime. Another citrus fruit, lime, may inhibit the synthesis of melanin.

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