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Home remedy for sun burn skin

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Damage to your skin’s outermost layers is caused by sunburn. It is an inflammatory response to too much sun exposure that emits UV light. In severe situations, it can result in blistering and peeling in addition to reddening and irritation. Your body is shedding its damaged skin cells through peeling, which is a hallmark of this process. Oats: Add ground oatmeal to your bathwater in the form of a sachet or sock. When added to bath water, baking soda or cornstarch can assist to reduce itching and inflammation. Cider vinegar can reduce pain, inflammation, and itching when taken as a bath. Utilizing ingredients from your home, make skin-soothing cures that you can apply on burnt skin: Ice: Make ice water with it to use as a cold compress. Keep the ice away from your skin. Witch hazel: Apply this anti-inflammatory astringent to the afflicted region using a clean towel. Make a paste out of milk, honey, and rolled oats for oatmeal. Tea: Prepare a pot of black, green, or chamomile tea, let it cool, and then dunk a clean towel into the concoction. To increase the cooling effect, you can even add mint leaves. Make a paste using either baking soda or cornstarch and water. Coconut oil: Apply the oil after using cool water to cool the affected region. To be sure you are not sensitive to the ingredient(s) and to prevent further irritation or harm to your skin, start out slowly when using natural home remedies and treatments. Avoid applying anything to blisters or open wounds to avoid infection.

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