Home remedy for teeth whitening

Teeth lose their dazzling, white brilliance and become dull due to a variety of circumstances. Your teeth’s enamel, which is their outermost layer, can become stained from some meals. The accumulation of plaque on your teeth can also give them a yellow appearance. Usually, frequent cleaning and whitening procedures can treat this kind of discolouration. Dentin can sometimes be seen behind the hard enamel, giving teeth a yellow appearance. Underneath the enamel is the naturally yellow, bony tissue known as dentin. Oil pulling is a conventional treatment that has its roots in India and is intended to enhance oral hygiene and detoxify the body.
In order to get rid of bacteria that can form plaque and give your teeth a yellow appearance, the procedure entails swishing oil around in your mouth.
Because of its pleasant flavor and numerous health advantages, coconut oil is a popular option. Lauric acid, which is known for its capacity to lessen inflammation and destroy bacteria, is also present in large quantities in coconut oil. Daily oil pulling lowers oral bacteria, plaque, and gingivitis, according to a few studies. Unfortunately, there are no studies in the scientific community that show oil pulling can whiten teeth. It is safe to do so, though, so it might be worth a go. Many people assert that regular oil pulling makes their teeth whiter and brighter. Make sure to spit the coconut oil into the toilet or trash bin rather than down the drain, where it can solidify again and clog your pipes. Coconut oil pulling does not expose your teeth to acids or other substances that destroy the enamel, in contrast to many other tooth whitening techniques. This indicates that daily use is safe.

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