How attractive are you…why perception about our beauty matters

Ethiopian ladies are regarded as some of Africa’s most attractive. Ethiopian models have a lovely blend of darker South and West Africans and lighter Caucasians in terms of facial characteristics, bone structure, skin tone, and hair structure. In recent decades, a small handful of ethnic Ethiopian models have become well-known. Liya Kebede, the first Ethiopian supermodel and the first black model to promote Estee Lauder cosmetics, is the most well-known Ethiopian lady. At the age of 19, Liya traveled from Addis Abeba to Paris and was hand-picked by Tom Ford for the Gucci fashion show. In 2002, the model was featured in her own Paris Vogue issue. Ethiopian women are regarded as some of the most beautiful and fascinating beings on the globe. Ethiopia is a melting pot of races and religions that has produced some of the most fascinating individuals on the planet. Ethiopian ladies have also been picked as international models. With such a diverse population in one big country, Oromo women, Amhara women, Gurage women, Tigre women, Addis Abeba women, and other ethnic groups have great beauty. Ethiopians are claimed to possess a number of genetic characteristics that are thought to be unique in the world. Almond-shaped eyes, broad cheekbones, high and wide foreheads, thin bodies, chocolate butter-like skin, and exquisite-looking noses are among the traits.

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