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How brides act on the eve of their wedding

Do you get the wedding-night jitters? We can’t say we blame you. Nervousness the night before (and the day before) is to be expected. Put all of that energy into doing these 21 tasks the night before your wedding, and you’ll have peace of mind and a solid foundation for the big day. Stick to the fresh fruit and healthful grains, even if the greasy pizza and bag of Cool Ranch Doritos are calling your name. On your wedding day, they won’t have you waking up with a food hangover like a Big Mac and a side of fries would.
Put together your reception clutch and post-reception bag, and give it to your wedding point person (whether it’s your wedding planner, a professional bridesmaid, or a dependable uncle), who will make sure it’s waiting for you in the bridal suite or your hotel room. Make sure you have a cold glass of water nearby and spend some time with it. This can help you avoid dehydration, which can be caused by stress and running around. Have a Restful Night’s Sleep. At the very least, attempt to go under the covers at a reasonable hour. Forget about browsing Facebook and responding to urgent text messages. Put your bulky phone on silent mode or give it to your maid of honor. Pack the car with everything you’ll need for your wedding day so you don’t have to worry about heavy lifting as you go out the door. Keep a few $20 bucks on hand in case you need to tip vendors or face any unexpected expenses. Have them organized digitally, whether you’re using PayPal or Venmo to schedule payments or collecting checks and cash. If the latter, place them in clearly marked envelopes and give them to your wedding day point person.

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