How did Mulualem and Serawit meet…

Starting a business with a friend who has entrepreneurial aspirations can be a terrific idea, but the road to success isn’t always smooth when working with someone close to you. Even though starting a business with a friend may seem like a winning formula, there are a few things to take into account before moving forward. You already know how your business partner conducts themselves. By assigning tasks depending on their skills and shortcomings, you can efficiently handle your business partner’s obligations. Knowing how your business partner operates will help you establish roles and duties more quickly and allow for a shorter adjustment period. You can talk to each other comfortably. In every business, having a comfortable and open line of communication is essential. You already have a system of support. As you embark on your entrepreneurial path, having a friend by your side gives you someone to experience both the highs and lows with, reducing stress and offering support from someone who understands. Your dynamic might shift. Your relationship will undoubtedly change when a friend joins you in business because there are now financial and personal dangers involved that weren’t there before. Your friendship is now more about business and success than just having fun. Emotions can be intense. When friends collaborate, personal issues may interfere with business if emotions aren’t set aside. Business partners may sever ties when personal matters affect the workplace.

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