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How ever long it takes I will wait for him

The majority of people would state that it is a simple matter of “never wait for someone, you are too valuable to do that; if they love you, they will come.”
Being respectable of oneself is fantastic. However, there are some circumstances that are genuinely challenging to handle and demand time and effort to escape. One can only commit after. Waiting for someone who genuinely tries to help you is one thing; waiting for someone who doesn’t seem to care is quite another. Another thing to keep in mind is that waiting gives you time to gather your thoughts and determine whether you actually like the person. It might just be a brief episode of passion that passes as soon as you move past it. Initial courtship is a very delicate time for new relationships. When the other person can’t give their all because of their circumstances, such as moving and setting up in a new city, family obligations, long work hours, temporary long distance relationships, etc., they become even more uncertain. You might be mistaken, and the real issue isn’t whether to wait or not. A more constructive perspective is to see these initial difficulties as commitment and character tests. A huge red flag is when the other person genuinely tries to approach you and solve their problems. It demonstrates both their capacity for resolving challenging interpersonal problems in the future and their continued affection for you. You are also affected by the same reasoning. It’s likely that your crush is seeking affirmation from others that his or her efforts are worthwhile.

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