How I prepare oil for breaking and thinning hair

It is impossible to envision an Indian home without a wide variety of do-it-yourself treatments, and Mira Kapoor’s residence is no different. There is a remedy in our homes for any skin or hair issue you may have. One such example for all of our hair problems is hair oils. You can rely on your mother’s or grandmother’s oil champi to reduce tension and keep your mane in place. In addition to periodically sharing her homemade remedies for skin and hair, Kapoor has been a prominent proponent of Ayurvedic health. She discussed this amazing mixture and other helpful home cures, such as a honey and turmeric face mask, on her Instagram page. Hibiscus and curry leaves, two of the ingredients in this oil, nourish and condition your skin. Add a little coconut oil, two hibiscus blossoms (without the stalk), and about eight hibiscus leaves to a bowl. Together, grind the ingredients to form a paste that is smooth. Aloe vera and yoghurt can also be added to this mixture to create a hair pack. The ancient component hibiscus has a number of advantages. It has been marketed as a way to condition hair, stop greying before it happens, and stop hair loss. Amino acids found in hibiscus help to strengthen hair. It balances the pH levels of the scalp and acts as an exfoliant. Heat some coconut oil in a skillet or pot before adding the hibiscus paste. Lauric acid, which is found in coconut oil and enters the hair shaft, is thought to stop the loss of the protein called keratin that makes up hair. It

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