How many hours should you sleep per day

Sleep is crucial at any age, according to scientific research. Almost every system in the body is strengthened by sleep, which also fuels the mind and heals the body. But how much sleep do we actually require to reap these advantages? According to National Sleep Foundation recommendations1, healthy adults should get between 7 and 9 hours of sleep every night. To support their growth and development, babies, young children, and teenagers require even more sleep. Additionally, those over the age of 65 need 7 to 8 hours per night.
A first step is to be aware of the general recommendations for how much sleep you require. Then, it’s critical to consider your particular requirements in light of elements like your level of activity and general health. Finally, it goes without saying that following good sleep advice is essential if you want to achieve the recommended amount of sleep. There are nine age groups with recommended bedtimes. The recommendations give a healthy person’s suggested range of nightly sleep durations for each group. Depending on the individual’s circumstances, sleeping an hour longer or shorter than the recommended amount may occasionally be acceptable. These recommendations serve as a general reference for how much sleep kids and adults need while noting that everyone’s optimum sleep schedule will be different. The recommendations provide a range of hours for each age group as a result. The recommendations also admit that there may be some leeway on either side of the range for “acceptable,” though still not optimal, amounts of sleep for some individuals with special circumstances.
You should take into account your general health, daily activities, and regular sleeping patterns when determining how much sleep you require.

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