How to care for damaged hair in a protective style

Natural hair is fantastic because it can be styled in so many different ways. Protective styles are useful for those occasions when you want to give your curls a break. With protective styles, you can protect your hair from the weather without sacrificing your fashionable hairdo. The options are practically limitless, ranging from box braids to lace front wigs to crochet braids and more. But just because you’ve tucked your hair away in style doesn’t mean you should stop taking care of it. To keep your protective style and your natural hair in the best condition, you must lavish your strands with tender loving care. A head full of damaged hair makes it much more difficult to have a good hair day. In order to restore damaged hair’s appearance, feel, and smoothness, additional care is necessary. Therefore, it’s crucial that you understand how to repair damaged hair with a correct hair care routine if you find yourself dealing with dry strands, brittle hair, and split ends as a result of heat damage, hair colour, or frequent bleaching. Although we adore hot tools for creating contemporary hairstyles like the voluminous blowout, they aren’t the best for our hair, especially when used repeatedly. Our hot tools frequently reach temperatures higher than those we typically use to cook our food, which can dangerously fry your food.

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