how to get free wifi anywhere

A WiFi hotspot is a term that refers to a physical area where you can get internet connection via WiFi. Public WiFi hotspots, as the name implies, are found in public places such as shopping malls, airports, and coffee shops. Public WiFi hotspots are usually set up to provide free WiFi access as a strategy to attract clients, or they provide WiFi as an add-on service, such as in-flight WiFi. It’s hard to find a business or a home these days that doesn’t have a private WiFi hotspot set up to connect devices like smartphones, tablets, and smart home appliances to the internet wirelessly.

When using any WiFi hotspot, but especially those in public places, keep in mind that it’s quite easy for malevolent cybercriminals to remotely intercept your wireless traffic and steal vital information from you.

To safeguard wireless communications from surveillance, only connect to WiFi hotspots that implement the newest wireless security standards, such as WPA3. It’s simply not worth it to have your password stolen for free WiFi.

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