How to get glass looking facial skin

Your skin is at its healthiest when you have glass skin. So many factors need to occur for skin to seem poreless, radiant, and translucent. Simply being hydrated won’t make you appear that way. Your skin should be in the best possible health. Because their skin is still so healthy, babies have “see-through skin”. Double cleansing was first introduced to us by Asian skin care, and we haven’t turned back since. Your skin care routine must start with a clean slate, especially at night when your face has accumulated all that grime, grease, and makeup buildup. Because some people find traditional toners to be too drying, they are sometimes disregarded; yet, in Korean skin care, they serve a completely different purpose. K-beauty toners are applied not only to balance the skin’s pH levels but also to offer basic hydration and enable better absorption of ensuing products. They are made with reviving and moisture-enhancing components (including green tea, galactomyces, ginseng, and floral water). In order to achieve the incredibly moisturised skin required for glass skin, layering is essential.

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