How to get heatless curl at home

Like many individuals, I discover that the texture and wave pattern of my hair can change. The next wash day, my dear friend Humidity will leave me with limp, frizzy strands, whereas one day I’ll emerge from the shower with moisturised little ringlets. Therefore, in an effort to achieve the desired consistency, I’ll end up utilising a curling wand. Although maintaining your hair isn’t particularly difficult, often using heat styling products can harm your strands and leave you with fragile, dry hair. When using hot styling tools on your hair, you should always use a heat protection spray, but frequent exposure to excessive heat won’t be good for the health of your hair. This method—which most of us are undoubtedly familiar with involves braiding damp hair and letting it set for a bit to create waves on your head. Just keep in mind that smaller braids result in smaller, tighter waves, so if you want the usual “loose mermaid waves” look, stick to two braids on each side of the head.

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