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how to get his heart easily

We sometimes forget to do lovely things for our partners, especially when we feel comfy in our relationships. We know we “have” them, that the feelings are there, and that they care about us, therefore the work we put in to make them feel appreciated falls by the wayside at times. After the fireworks have died down a little, there are nine simple ways to rekindle the passion in your relationship. These are simple but profound gestures you can make for the one you love on any given weekday. It is completely free and can make someone feel very loved and valued. Send a beautiful text to him on his way to work that says, “Have a great day,” or just a text in the middle of the day that says, “Thinking of you.” Little texts like those let him know you’re thinking of him, which makes any guy feel special. If you’re feeling frisky, send a noon sext to make him think of you till the next time you see him. The lost art of the love letter, oh how I miss it. Writing a letter restores the magic of interacting with words in an age when we mostly text (and rarely phone). A letter demonstrates that you took the time to write down your thoughts and feelings by hand, and it also allows you to be more detailed about how you feel or why you love your partner. A letter allows you to express your true feelings while also allowing them to hold it and read it again later. It demonstrates a great deal of thought and will make them feel special. This is a fantastic way to inject passion into long-distance relationships.

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