How to grow your hair thick and long naturally

Although it is impossible to alter the texture of the hair follicles, there are several techniques to thicken the hair and prevent breakage and hair loss, including eating a healthy diet and massaging the scalp. Anyone can experience thin or thinning hair because it is prevalent. Among the possible causes include aging, chemical sensitivities, diseases, and inadequate nutrition. Home care methods may be tried, but they shouldn’t take the place of medical care for underlying health issues like nutritional deficiencies or alopecia, which may be the cause of thin hair. Whether or not more treatment is required, the natural solutions listed below may help thicken thin hair. Caffeine is well known for its ability to improve energy, and topical application has also been demonstrated to promote hair growth. According to research, caffeine found in topical products like shampoos and conditioners can stop hair loss just as well as medications. By accelerating cell development and metabolism, caffeine may help with hair growth. In addition to having a pleasant scent, essential oils might aid in promoting hair growth. In a tiny study, women with female pattern baldness experienced considerably more hair growth three months after applying pumpkin seed oil topically. Larger research are necessary to further support this finding, though. While there is little evidence proving how effective biotin is. The 2016 study looked at how well daily, 4-minute scalp massages worked. The nine males who participated in the study had thicker hair at the end of the 24-week period than they had at the beginning, according to the researchers. These findings still require the support of larger investigations.

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